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Profili was founded in Rome in 1975 with the aim to revolutionize the world of lighting.
Through the study of new technologies and production methods, we create lights which combine tradition and design in a new and balanced combination.
Each piece is envisioned, developed and brought to reality by hand to guarantee the exclusivity and
high-quality of this “made in Italy” brand.
The Profili Company offers solutions for all requirements and design for every environment, with a custom-made style and hand-crafted products made to fit the most refined tastes.

Enrico Profili - Studio Profili
Marco Landini - Studio Profili



Profili family moves with passion and dedication to the creation of unique and inimitable models for style and quality.

Known in the industry of high-end lighting, Profili has carved out a level position for their collections that still remain after years an example of elegance and style.

Always worked with the utmost professionalism and availability allowing to achieve work of inestimable beauty and originality.

The group of designers are at complete disposal of their customers,

developing exclusive creations to satisfy their specific tastes and ensuring their complete privacy and uniqueness.

Profili Leaf Custom-made


We design and create unique and functional environments that last over time.

​We are inspired by innovative and sustainable projects aimed at improving the quality of life of our client and those who will benefit from it.

With our team of Project Managers and Lighting Designers,

we are able to recreate our customer's idea in a simple and orderly way, always managing to improve it with our experience and professionalism.

Thanks to long-lasting and trusted relationships with the largest companies,

we design any type of environment, unique in their kind, in Italy and abroad.

Nakai Resort
Enterprise S.p.A.
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