STARDUST was born from a simple basic idea, but thanks to our design and our research of materials it becomes a simple but extremely refined and elegant object.

Perfect to embellish your environment with elegance and lightness.


RAKE, despite the rigid lines, gives lightness and preciousness to the environment.

The base and the central body in real Italian marble gives the collection uniqueness and beauty.


This collection is born from the contrast of brass and glass.

Full of curves and extremely elegant and versatile, DIAPASON will fill and give sinuosity to your spaces.


Simple but extremely elegant. Composed of three different modules, it can be modified and reproduced in any shape and size, making it able to adorn any environment. Available in different finishes.


PRECIOUS was inspired by the lines of an earring.
This is its added value which will turn your room into
a real jewel.
Its crystals, carefully embedded and enlightened,
live of their own life.
This collection adorns every space creating an unique


SAMURAI was inspired by the elegance of the
ancient armor of the East, decorating the environment
where it is placed.
All the stones allow the light, stemming from the soul
of the armor, to pass through.
The handcrafted gem is the main element
of great preciousness, to be placed either on the top or
at the side of the piece.


Like a shell protects its own pearl, SHELL holds carefully
a hand-milled gem stored in its very unique body.
A masterpiece whose heart is in its own hidden
and delicate light.


Simply complex.
Misaligned shapes with materials and finishes
in harmonic contrast.
Lights expressed in its curves which are revealed
based on where it is observed.
OFFSET’s dualism allows you to discover,
from every perspective, a new and always different shade.


Nothing is immune to the flowing of time which
clearly marks one's appearance.
WAKE shows the time effects externally but keeps
its true essence in the soul.
The strong contrast of its finishes expresses this concept
clearly, enhancing WAKE with personality and elegance.


Shape and elegance have never reached
a similar combination.
CREEP is a real jewel.
The lines and the curves will capture you until
you lose yourself in the uniqueness of its details.
Creations which a human being can feel,
making their spaces unique.


Light gives itself freely, filling all the available space.
This is how an infinity of stars spreads in the
most intense darkness.
ANDROMEDA with the glow of its crystals, illuminates
the environment offering a breathtaking romantic view.


ONDA was designed to impress from every angle
and perspective.
The closer you get, the more essential every single detail
A damp set of leaves in a shower of crystal light, gently,
fills every space.